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CURAPROX stands for knowledge, and the transfer of skills to ensure perfect oral care and oral health. Since 1972.

CURAPROX teaches more than just the importance of white teeth and fresh breath. Oral health is essential to healthy organs and a healthy body.

That’s why CURAPROX develops motivation- and training programs for dental professionals. Each year, we train and certify thousands of iTOP/CURAPROX oral hygiene instructors worldwide. They help patients get motivated and acquire the skills they need to keep their mouths, teeth and gums in perfect condition. It’s all about the long term.

With CURAPROX, brushing your teeth is fun - because it’s so easy and because the positive results are so clear to see.

In this sense, CURAPROX products are "only" the means to an end. They also always help maintain the motivation for thorough cleaning. CURAPROX products the most attractive, coveted and best in the world - winning over a million new CURAPROX fans each year.

CURAPROX develop and offer products are


Our products and methods do not hurt. Here’s an example: Our toothpastes contain nothing that could possibly cause damage. And our tootbrushes’ bristels are so soft, hurting is impossible. Our interdental brushes’ metallic core is shielded by its bristels while entering and leaving the approximal space.
Our products and methods really do their job. They work. This example will show you how: the umbrella effect of our interdental brushes. The bristles are extra long and very flexible. Like an umbrella, inside the approximal space, they open up and clean every niche from sulcus to contact point.
It’s hard not to like our product and methods. Actually, people love them. Think of the colors. The forms. It just fits. Take even an ugly product like the brandnew CS 708 (relax, it is the only ugly product we have, and it isn’t thaaaaat ugly): people – we are sure – will love it because it feels so good using it, and it is so perfectly effective.

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